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Gardienne Farm, LLC: t/a Gardienne Wings & Gardienne Myotonic Goats

Kid purchases - the fine print

8ile an exact pick is not required until after all kids arrive, a deposit will hold you place in line to pick your new kid(s). First deposit received, first pick, etc...


The 2021 price for kids is $200 wether, $400 buckling, $450 doeling. Though, we reserve the right to adjust these prices up or down depending on the quality of the individual kid and we reserve the right to refuse to sell a buckling as a wether should his quality warrent him remaining intact. A notation of Available by private contract means that this particular kid is not available at the regular price and is priced higher due to his/her potential, contact us for more information. A 50% deposit locks in your price and order of pick. Quantity discounts are available on multiple kid purchases.


We will NOT sell a single kid to a home where there are not other goats. Goats are herd animals and need like kind companionship to be happy and healthy.



All kids are fully weaned and eating well, have had 2 CD&T vaccinations, and been dewormed at least 2 times by 10-12 weeks old.

Should you need health certificate(s)/lab tests to transport out of state, we need 2 weeks’ notice. The buyer is responsible for the cost of any tests or certifications.

If a kid is to be dis-budded (horns removed) or wethered (neutered), we require payment in full PRIOR to the procedure. The buyer is also responsible for the vet costs associated with either or both procedures. We do not de-bud  kids ourself. (Debudding approx $56.00, *surgical wethering approx $35.00 (*if kid is young enough, we can band to wether)

Deposits on kids are non-refundable, but maybe transferred to a different kid if another is available.

If picking up a kid, please bring cash payment in full, we cannot accept out of state checks at time of pickup. We do not wheel-and-deal, the posted price for a kid IS the least we will accept for that particular kid. We reserve the right to increase the price on any kid at any time as long as there is not a current deposit or purchase agreement on that particular kid.

Should it become necessary for you  to rehome any of our kids, please let us know so we can assist, if assistance is needed. We do not want to see any of our kids end up in a sales barn being sold to the meat buyers!



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