Gardienne Wings: Heritage & Exotic Fowl and Myotonic Goats
Gardienne Wings:  Heritage & Exotic Fowl and Myotonic Goats

2020 kids are here!

Pre-kidding deposit locks in your pick order when the 2020 kids begin arriving. Our wait list has started.

Round 3 to begin March 1st!


March Madness:

Gardienne's Dark Skye x Gardienne's Alonso

Gardienne's Caliope x Jamcin's Linus

Dobbins Hollow Dark Desire x Gardienne's Desperado

Dobbins Hollow Destiny x Gardienne's Desperado

Gardienne's Diana x Gardienne's Desperado

Gardienne's Delight x Gardienne's Desperado

Fallen and Can't Get Up Teiga x Gardienne's Desperado

Gardienne's Blue Belle x Gardienne's Desperado





Rose Lane Farm Sally x Jamcin's Linus

A white banded blue buckling and a curley coated blue and white doeling from Sally! Born 1/24/2020.


Gardienne's Ariana x Jamcin's Linus

A white and dark blue buckling and a white banded blue doeling from Ariana. Ariana and mom Sally kidded at almost the exact same time on 1/24/2020!


ASE Lilly x Jamcin's Linus 

TRIPLETS from Lilly! A black & white buckling, a black & white doeling, and a blue and white doeling! Born 1/24/2020. The blue doeling is being retained for now.


doeling - not available

Whitmore Farms Blue Jean x Jamcin's Linus

TRIPLET bucklings for Jean! Born 1/27.First, a tall, leggy blue and white boy, then a chunk of a White banded Black boy (Platinum Wether Prospect??), and a 2nd blue and white boy!

Sycope Falls Stunning Starshine x Gardienne's Desperado

Frosty, a pure white buckling (like his grandsire) and Fairydust, a black & white doeling for Star. Born on 1/27 these two are dolls!

Gardienne's Deep Blue Skye x Gardienne's Bijoux

A dark blue doeling and a tri-colored buckling wearing 4 black "shoes"! Born 2/9, DeeDee is being a great 1st time mom! The doeling is sold.

ASE Violet x Jamcin's Linus

A single, chunky blue and white buckling for Violet. This boy is really nice and has buck potential. Born 2/15






Gardienne's Diva x Gardienne's Eros

Born 2/14, Diva gave us a single, black and white buckling named Finegan due to his fun personality.

Gardienne's D'oro Lucia x Gardienne's Eros

Twins for Lucy on 2/14! A red doeling and a white banded, peacock patterened, tri color buckling! The doeling is sold.

Gardienne's Amber Rose x Gardienne's Desperado

And it is triplets for Amber on 2/17! 2 Doelings and a buckling, all 3 tricolors! The 2 doelings are being retained for now!

doeling - Not Available
buckling - Available
doeling - Not Available

Gardienne's Calista x Jamcin's Linus

A large, single blue buckling for Calista born 2/18. This boy is adorable and definitely a buck prospect.

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