Gardienne Wings: Heritage & Exotic Fowl and Myotonic Goats
Gardienne Wings:  Heritage & Exotic Fowl and Myotonic Goats

2019 Kids Expected Feb 1


Kids have started arriving!


We are breeding with specific attention to size, muscling, heads, and fingers crossed for lots of Blues and Tri-colors with Blue eyes.


The following breedings are done for 2019 late winter/spring kids:

Jamcin's Linus to Sally, Ariana, Calista, Amber, and Calliope

Gardienne's Bijoux to Violet and Lilly

Gardienne's Desperado (1st year stud) to Tiega, Belle,and Calais


Many of these are repeat breedings so see our previous years' kids for what to expect!


Our 2019 Spring breedings for Fall kids will include:

Jean, Alissa, Starshine, Betty, and more.....


Note: We do NOT normally debud our kids. If you are wanting a debudded/hornless kid, you MUST let us know in advance what you are looking for so we can let you know as soon as it arrives. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due prior to debudding any kid and debudding MUST be done within the first 10 days after the birth.

Gardienne's Bijoux to ASE Violet

Gardienne's Envy (tri-colored buckling)

and Gardienne's Eliza (black and white doeling) at 12 hours old!

Born 2/2/19 Envy is our first Red, White, and Blue kid of 2019! He is being retained. Eliza is a flashy, blue eyed, doe with lots of personality and is available at weaning. Violet and Bijoux are both small, chunky goats.

Gardienne's Bijoux to ASE Lilly

2 long coated Blue-eyed Black and White kids for Lilly! Gardienne's Ebony, a pretty black doeling with white bling, and Gardienne's Elvis a chunky, white banded black buckling born 2/3/19. Photo at 12 hours old.

Ebony is being retained for now, the buckling will be available at weaning. We also have unrelated doelings available to go with this nice buck.


Rose Lane Farm Sally to       Jamcin's Linus

2 White Banded Dark Blue kids for Sally, Gardienne's Eeyore, a green eyed buck and Gardienne's Ella Sings the Blues, a blue-eyed doe born 2/9/19. Both are nice chunky kids. The buck is on hold and the doe is being retained for now.



Gardienne's Amber Rose and         Jamcin's Linus

2 doelings for Amber! A white and black and a black with white. Both are large, flashy does with mezmerizing Blue eyes! Both are currently available.


Gardienne's Calista and Jamcin's Linus

2 doelings for first freshener Calista. A small white and blue doeling, Gardienne's Elsa, and Gardienne's Eternal Skye, a huge white banded blue doeling. The small doeling is on hold and the larger is being retained.

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