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Gardienne Wings:  Heritage & Exotic Fowl and Myotonic Goats

2018 Kids Are Here!!!

Jamcin's Linus at 12 mos old.

Our Spring kids are almost all here with only 1 doe left to kid.

We have LOTS of Blue and White kids and lots of Blue eyes!

Photos are below and will be updated as the kids grow and change.


A waiting list has been started, let us know what you are looking for and we will let you know when it arrives!


Gardienne's Bijoux at 12 mos old.
Gardienne's Denali - SOLD

Gardienne's Bijoux

    and ASE Lilly

Twin Bucklings for the first kids of 2018. A very typey Blue and White buckling and a gorgeous Tri-Colored buckling, both with blue eyes, born Feb 24th.


Denali is SOLD, Dakota is available.




Gardienne's Dakota - Available
Gardienne's Delilah - 5 days old

Jamcin's Linus and

Rose Lane Farm Sally

A beautiful, chunky, white and blue doeling and a lanky blue and white buckling for Linus and Sally.

Born Feb 26th.


Delilah is being retained, Dusty is pending sale.


Gardienne's Dusty Blue - 3 wks old
Gardienne's Diana

Jamcin's Linus and

Gardienne's Blue Belle

Triplet doeslings for first freshener Belle!

Born March 2nd, all 3 are adorable bundles of energy!

Dalia is Sold, Diana is being retained for now, Darla is Available!

Gardienne's Darla
Gardienne's Dalia - SOLD
Ariana's Curly boy - name pending

Jamcin's Linus and

Gardienne's Ariana

Twin Blue bucklings for Ariana! Born March 4th, both are white and Blue, one long coated , one flat coated, both with Blue eyes.

These boys are nice thick, chunky boys.


Both are Available

Ariana's Smooth Coated buckling - name pending

Jamcin's Linus and Whitmore Farms Blue Jean

Twin, white banded, blue bucklings for Jean. Born March 5th, these boys are almost identical ! They should mature to be larger bucklings as both mom and dad are large. Both appear to have blue eyes.



Both are available.




Gardienne's Diva

Gardienne's Bijoux and

Fallen and Can't Get Up Teiga

Twin doelings for Tiega. One is White and  Strawberry Blonde, the other White and Black (she may well lighten to Chocolate like mom!). Born March 10, pictures are at 24 hrs old! Both should remain close to mini size.


Diva is Available, D'Oro is being retained for now.



Gardienne's D'Oro aka "Lucy"

Gardienne's Bijoux and ASE Violet

Violet has graced us with two awesome bucklings born March 17th. A peacock patterned, Black and White that looks just like his dad, and peacock patterned tri-color. Violet and Bijoux are both small goats and may certify as minis when they reach 3 years old. Both parents and both kids have CRYSTAL blue eyes!

The tri-color is being retained, the Black and white is available. Photos taken at less than 24 hours old!

Gardienne's Desparado - not for sale

Jamcin's Linus and Whitmore Farm Blue Skye

Twin Doelings for Skye born March 20th!

A black doeling with a partial white underbelly band and a white banded, dark blue doeling just like her mom and Aunt Jean. Pictures and eye color will be posted soon! (Once the snow stops!)


Still to kid......

Jamcin's Linus and Gardienne'sAmber Rose


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