Gardienne Farm, LLC: t/a Gardienne Wings & Gardienne Myotonic Goats
Gardienne Farm, LLC: t/a Gardienne Wings & Gardienne Myotonic Goats

Our Adults (Breeding herd)

Gardienne's Alonso at 5 yrs old

We maintain a small herd of adult breeding animals and a few juveniles selected to add to the adult herd. We breed our does for Spring kids (usually due late Feb - mid March) . All breedings are done selectively, matching the doe to the buck we feel best suits her, in order to produce the best offspring.


We currently have both full-size and smaller goats in our adult herd, as well as a few "long-haired" individuals. We produce a lot of blue coats and some lovely tri-colors, as well as peacock and banded patterns, many with Blue or Blue Marbled eyes. We are also moving towards more tri-colored goats, especially with blue eyes. 


We only occasionally have adults for sale so watch our page for those rare offerings.


See our Bucks and Does pages for more info on our individual animals.



Our Myotonics:

Whitmore's Blue Jean, 24" doe, a week before kidding
Whitmore's Blue Skye, 2/11/11 - 3/28/18
Gardienne's Betty Boop at 2 yrs old
Gardienne's Blue Belle at 20 mos
2017 doe, Gardienne's Calliope (Jean and Steel)
2017 doe, Syncope Falls Sensational Starshine
Syncope Falls Steel, 25" buck
Steel in summer coat, 2016
Jamcin's Linus at 14 mos old
Rose Lane Farm Sally - 22" Blue eyed doe
Gardienne's Amber Rose at 16 mos old.
Gardienne's Alonso at 12 mos, See above pic of how well he matured!
Gardienne's Ariana - Blue eyed doe
ASE Lilly - Blue eyed doe
ASE Violet - Blue eyed doe
Fallen and Can't Get Up Teiga at 12 mos old
Gardienne's Desperado at 6 mos old!
2020 buck, A Sharper Edge Fabio, our newest sire
Dobbins Hollow Dark Desire and her twin....
Dobbins Hollow Destiny

Where to Find Us:

Gardienne Wings

             Heritage & Exotic Fowl
 Gardienne Myotonic Goats


         Sumerduck, VA 22742


Visitors welcome by appointment only!


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