Gardienne Farm, LLC: t/a Gardienne Wings & Gardienne Myotonic Goats
Gardienne Farm, LLC: t/a Gardienne Wings & Gardienne Myotonic Goats

Our Bucks!

While we do specialize in certain colors and patterns, we maintain a variety of bucks so that, at breeding time, we can select the buck that best compliments each doe strengths and improves her weaknesses.


Syncope Falls Steel

Our patriarch, who is now retired. His are the genes that gave us our Red, White, and Blue color combo!


Gardienne's Alonso

Steel's son now 5 years old and a really nice buck and sire in his own right. Blue and white with the peacock pattern, Alonso also throws tri-colored and Blue tri-colored kids.

Gardienne's Bijoux

Alonso's son, Bijoux is our little gem. He is a small but chunky buck who carries, blue, tri, and peacock patterns. Photo at 4 yrs old..

Gardienne's Desperado

This pic of Desi was taken at only 6 months old! He has matured into a lovely skirted buck who is camera shy! We also have Envy, Desi's full brother who is a red, white and blue buck that shows lots of promise - photo coming soon!


Jamcin's Linus

In love with Linus' dad, First Responder, we are so glad we waited for and got his mini-me. Linus has proven to cross wonderfully with our Gardienne Girls from the Steel lines. Photo was taken at 12 mos old and Linus has matured into a beauty who has stayed super sweet and very stinky. The does LOVE him and a few will ONLY show to him alone. 

A Sharper Edge Fabio

When looking for a nice, wide, blue buck to breed to some of our Linus daughters, we went back to Erin where we previously got a couple half sisters to Fabio, who we LOVE!

Fabio is a sweet 2020 buck that already has a couple breedings under his belt. We can't wait to see what this boy can do!

Gardienne's Fineas

Fineas is for sale!

As a 5 mo old, while we were on vacation, he snuck into the doe field for an undetermined length of time. Sooooo, we have his kids due in mid to late Dec. SURPRISE! Sweet boy and proven stud material ;-)

Photo at 9 mos old.

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