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Gardienne Farm, LLC: t/a Gardienne Wings & Gardienne Myotonic Goats

Spring 2017 Kids!

Kids are weaned and ready to go!


We only have 2 doelings still AVAILABLE!


The price for kids is $250 wether, $350 buckling, $450 doeling. We reserve the right to adjust these prices up or down depending on the quality of the individual kid and we reserve the right to refuse to sell a buckling as a wether should his quality warrent him remaining intact. A 50% deposit locks in your price and order of pick.


This is our "C" year so all kids will be registered with a name beginning with a "C".


Please see our page, "Kid Purchases - the Fine Print" for other purchase info.


Gardienne's Alonso x Rose Lane Farm Sally

Twin, coal black, blue-eyed bucklings born 3/6/17. Coalminer (buck) has only a white forehead star, Carbonite (wether) has a white belly and lower right rear leg, otherwise they are solid black. Both will be medium sized boys and Both are SOLD.


Gardienne's Coalminer at 3 wks old
Gardienne's Carbonite at 3 wks old

Signature's Wowzer x Gardienne's Amber Lace

Twin, brown eyed bucklings born 3/6/17. CocoPuffz is White banded Chocolate like dad, Sir Chezwick is a large tri-color Red Roan, Chocolate, and White like mom! Either or both maybe coated since they are 3/4 MiniatureSilkie. Both are sold.



Gardienne's Sir Chezwick at 3 wks old
Gardienne's CocoaPuffz at 3 wks

Jamcin's Linus x Gardienne's Ariana

Twin, blue-eyed Blue bucklings born 3/7/17. Carolina Blue (buck) is a large, dark blue and white who looks to be coated, Charmer (wether) is a smaller, typier, light blue with a medium coat. Both are SOLD This breeding will be repeated in 2017 for Feb/Marchn 2018 kids!


Ariana's Lighter boy at 3 wks old

Jamcin's Linus x Gardienne's Alissa

Chevalier ("Chevy") a blue-eyed, blue buckling and Cameo, an amber-eyed blue doeling for Alissa, born 3/8/17.Chevy is one of our favorites this year and will grow into a wonderful herd sire for someone! Cameo is available, Chevy is SOLD! This breeding will be repeated in 2017 for Feb/March 2018 kids!

Gardienne's Chevalier (Chevy)
Chevalier 8 wks
Gardienne's Cameo

Syncope Falls Steel x Whitmore's Blue Skye


Triplets from Skye! Calista, a dark blue and white doeling, Calais, a medium blue and white doeling, and The Champ a LARGE blue and white buckling born 3/14. All are brown eyed and should be larger adults.Champ is SOLD, Calista is available, Calais, the lighter doeling is being retained.

Gardienne's Calais is being retained.
Gardienne's Tha Champ
Gardienne's Calista is available.


Jamcin's Linus x A Sharper Edge Lilly

Lilly has given use 2 beautiful,  Black and White wethers! Cinnabar has Amber eyes and a long coat, and Cobalt has blue eyes and is skirted. These boys will be medium size adults. Born 3/17 Both are sold.



Gardienne's Cinnabar 10 wks
Gardienne's Cobalt
Cinnabar (left) and Cobalt (right) are both available as wethers.
Gardienne's Cadence

Syncope Falls Steel x Whitmore's Blue Jean

Jean has graced us with a blue and white banded Buckling (wethered), and a Black and White doeling. Born 3/20 Calliope, the girl is petite and put together very well with blue/green eyes, while the boy, Cadence, is very tall and leggy, promising that he will be a large buck with amber eyes.  Cadence is sold and Calliope is being retained



Gardienne's Calliope is being retained.

Gardienne's Bijoux x ASE Violet

A single beautiful, blue-eyed black and white buckling for Violet!

A mini, born between toronado warnings he has been aptly named Gardienne's Cloud Chaser or "Chase" SOLD This breeding will be repeated in 2017 for Feb/March 2018 kids!


Gardienne's Cloud Chaser

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