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Gardienne Farm, LLC: t/a Gardienne Wings & Gardienne Myotonic Goats

2016 Myotonic Kids

We had 5 does kid between February 14th and February 25th, 2016.

Skye and Jean were bred to Steel. Sally, Arielle, and Domino were bred to Alonso. Final count for our spring kidding season is 8 bucklings and 2 doelings! While some are listed as being retained, offers will always be considered, as we decide which one or two to keep.


As of May 15, Blaze, Baxter, and Bayou are still available.


           Please see Goat Purchase Info at the bottom of this page for the fine print.

Bandit - sale pending

Brick Cottage Farm Domino x Gardienne's Alonso


Domino delivered twin bucklings on Feb. 15. A Black and White boy, Bandit, and a white banded Blue boy, Blue Blazes ("Blaze"). Mom is from 3 generations of blue eyes and has Crystal Blue eyes so the boys may well have blue marbled eyes though they look more green at the moment. Both boys are very typey and flashy, Both are sold.


Blaze, Pictures at 4 days old, ears are coming up nicely.
7 weeks old
Blaze at 11 weeks old
Buster Brown - sale pending

Brick Cottage Farm Ariel x Gardienne's Alonso


Ariel delivered twin buckilngs on Feb. 16. A Frosted Roan dark chamoise with Blue marbled eyes, Buster Brown, and a tri-colored peacock patterened, Bogart ("Bogie"). Both boys are nice chunky boys with loads of personality. Both boys are sold.

Bogart, at 3 days old.
Blue Belle

Whitmore Farms Blue Skye x Syncope Falls Steel



Skye delivered twin doelings on Feb. 16 also. A Tri-colored girl that is just bursting with personality, Betty Boop, and a Blue and White girl that is sweet, tall and delicate, Blue Belle. Both doelings are being retained for now.

Betty Boop
Betty at 10 weeks old

Whitmore Farms Blue Jean x Syncope Falls Steel



Jean delivered twin bucklings on Feb. 21. A Blue and White boy, Barney, and a white banded Blue boy, Baxter. Both boys are beautifully colored and appear to possess the peacock gene though it is very subtle in their coloring.Both are sold.

Baxter at 10 weeks old
Barney at 10 weeks old
Bijoux - not for sale

Rose Lane Farm Sally x Gardienne's Alonso


Sally also delivered twin bucklings on Feb.25th. Bijoux is a stunning peacock patterened Black and White boy with just a few traces of tan hairs, and Blue Bayou is a blue and white boy who also appears to have the peacock pattern though more subtle than his brother. Bijoux has Sally's blue marbled eyes and though Bayou did as a baby, his have now turned more green/amber. Bijoux is being retained and Bayou is sold.


Blue Bayou
Bijoux at 7 weeks
Bayou at 9 weeks old

                                                 GOAT PURCHASE INFO


All kids are fully weaned and eating well, have had 2 CD&T vaccinations, and been dewormed at least 2 times by 10-12 weeks old.

Should you need health certificate(s)/lab tests to transport out of state, we need 2 weeks’ notice. The buyer is responsible for the cost of any tests or certifications.

If a kid is to be de-budded (horns removed) or wethered (neutered), we require payment in full PRIOR to the procedure. The buyer is also responsible for the vet costs associated with either or both procedures. We do not de-bud or band kids ourself.

Deposits on kids are non-refundable, but maybe transferred to a different kid if another is available.

If picking up a kid, please bring cash payment in full, we cannot accept out of state checks at time of pickup. We do not wheel-and-deal, the posted price for a kid IS the least we will accept for that particular kid. We reserve the right to increase the price on any kid at any time as long as there is not a current deposit or purchase agreement on that particular kid.

Should it become necessary for you  to rehome any of our kids, please let us know so we can assist, if assistance is needed. We do not want to see any of our kids end up in a sales barn being sold to the meat buyers!

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