Gardienne Farm, LLC: t/a Gardienne Wings & Gardienne Myotonic Goats
Gardienne Farm, LLC: t/a Gardienne Wings & Gardienne Myotonic Goats

Current Sales List

This is a work in progress, please contact us for more info on any goat.

Contact us with what you are looking for and we can help narrow down the choices




                            Current Sales List


New kids arriving beginning around

March 15, 2022!



Our herd tested clean for Johnes and CAE in May 2021. 

Beginning in 2021 we will be disbudding all kids at 5 days old. IF you want a horned kid, you MUST let us know, ahead of kidding, what you are looking for and we will let you know when it is born.


We Currently have 20+ Spring and Fall 2020 bucks and wethers, and a few does available, email for more info (shown above and below) 


We offer discounts on multiple animal purchases, especially bucks and wethers!


Breeding age does (18 mos+) can be bred, before pickup, for $50 ea to your choice of our bucks. Payment in full is required prior to exposure to the buck.


We have a waiting list for BLUE doelings! Contact us if you would like to be added.


Scroll down for pics!



Available Does


Elise (pic below) , 2 yr old, percentage doe, 50% Myo, 50% ND, tri colored, tan with white and black $275. 


Gardienne's Fiddle Dee Dee (pic below)    Spring 2020, Red White & Blue doe $400


Gardienne's Ebony Spring 2019  Black doe with ice blue eyes, Mini $400 


Gardienne's Gidget, (pic below) Dec 2020 Black and white, marbled eyes $450                           


Spring 2020 Wethers ($250 ea) more available than what is listed!

REDUCED to lower our herd size! yearlibgs $150 ea, 2 yr olds, $200 ea!


Gardienne’s Finest Hour, black and white (twin to Flirt)


Gardienne’s Flirt, blue and white (superfriendly!)                                                                         


Gardienne’s Ferdinand, black and white


Gardienne’s Finegan, solid black


Gardienne’s Fax (mini lines) mostly white tri-color (buddies with Frieze)


Gardienne’s Frieze (mini lines ) White with black spots


Gardienne’s Fineas (pic below)  – Spring 2020, Tri-Colored


Gardienne’s Faint of Heart – Spring 2020, Black and White 


Gardienne's Guinness (pic below) and Glenfiddich - Fall 2020 Black with tan wethers, twins 


Gardienne's Get back jack - Fall 2020, tri-colored wether


Gardienne's Gage - Fall 2020 tri-colored wether


Gardienne's Gizmo - Fall 2020 Mostly white, tri colored wether


AVAILABLE BUCKS!!!  $350 to $600 ea (negotiable with doe purchases)


Gardienne's Bijoux (pic below) - 2016 Blue eyed black and white roan, produces blue and tricolors! $450


Gardienn'e Envy (see adults for sale page) red. white. and blue buck $450


Gardienne's Frankly My Dear  (pic below) - Spring 2020, Blue and white $500


Gardienne’s Fancy Pants (pic below) – Spring 2020, Blue and White $400


Gardienne’s Frosty – Spring 2020, blue eyed, White with red $400


Gardienne’s Farnsworth (pic below) –  Spring 2020, Tricolored $400


Gardienne's Gryphon, (pic below) Dec 2020,  White and Blue buck $400


Gardienne's Gigilo (pic below)Dec 2020, Blue w/red and white coated buck, Very friendly, bred to 2 does for 2022 spring/summer kids $450


Gardienne's Gambler NICE White Banded Black buck $500


Gardienne's Gideon tri colored buck $400


Gardienne's Sir Galahad (pic below) - April 2021 buck, blue and white, show potential, disbudded $500





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Visitors welcome by appointment only!


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