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Gardienne Farm, LLC: t/a Gardienne Wings & Gardienne Myotonic Goats

Guinea Fowl

Guineas  have become widely popular in the last few years as great natural pesticides. They are major bug eaters being one of the few birds that eat Stinkbugs and Japanese Beetles as well as Fleas and Ticks. They are very fast, spastic little birds that can also be very noisey. While both sexes make a machine-gun like stacatto call only the famales make a 2-sylable call that sounds like "buck-WHeat".


Although it can be almost impossible to tell the hens from the cocks, people who free range them for pest control often prefer males as the females nest on the ground and are frequently fall prey to foxes and hawks. We see many people every year looking for guinea hens to replace ones that they have lost.


Guinea eggs are edible but they are on the small side and have an incredibily thick, hard shell. The hen will lay her eggs in a shallow depression she scratches out in the ground, often under a thick bush, in tall grass, or some other well concealed, location. Unless you are able to covertly watch and follow a hen all day, it is only by luck that you will stumble upon her nest. When she does start sitting, it is often on 20-30 eggs.


We currently have small flocks of  Lavender, Pearl Pied, White, and Royal Purple Guineas, separated by color.

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