Gardienne Wings: Heritage & Exotic Fowl and Myotonic Goats
Gardienne Wings:  Heritage & Exotic Fowl and Myotonic Goats


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Birds Currently For Sale...


Available this weekend. 7/14/17

Pair, young, looks to be a Jake and Jenny, Red Bronze Turkeys$75


Trio (unsexed) young, Bourbon Red Turkeys $100 all 3


Several Narragansett and Golden Narragansett poults $25 ea


6+ wk old Black Shoulder Blue peachick $60


4-5 Royal Purple or Lavender Guinea Keets, outdoors, no heat, $15 ea


Quad young adult, Welsh Harlequin ducks (drake and 3 hens), $110 all 4


African Geese 6 adults various ages, appears to be 2 ganders and 4 geese, $ 200 all 6


Pomeranian Saddleback Geese, 5 young adults, 1 gander, 4 geese $350


2 African goslings, looks to probably be a pair, $50


3 Sebastopol Goslings, light splash, 3-4 weeks old, $65 ea, $180 all 3


Trio Muscovy ducks, Feb hatch, $50 all 3


9 Muscovy ducklings, outside, various ages and colors, all 8 for 80, pick and choose $15 ea


Many asst’d pastured pullets, 10 wks old, $15 ea,  breeds include White Rock, White Leghorn, Buff Orp, Barred Rock, Gold Laced Wyandotte, and others


2 Pair yearling Cuckoo English Orpingtons $80 per pair


2 Pair Buff English Orpingtons $80 per pair


Gorgeous Lavender Cuckoo English Orpington roo (lost his hens) $65


Trio Silkies, 2 white hens with Black rooster $75


Starter Flock of 8, 8+ week old Coronation Sussex, 6 pullets, 2 roos, $150 all 8


Pair 8+ week old Silver Pencilled Rocks $35


6 Myotonic (Fainting) goat pet wethers, Blue and White or Black and White, some blue eyed, $250 ea, 2 for $450, 3 for $600



2 mottled bantam cochin roosters, 1 and 2 years old, unrelated so one can be used with pullets from the other. Jamie Matts birds, $80 for both.


Many chicks (some sexed pullets) and poults 1 to 10 weeks old. Ameraucana, RIR, Barred Rock,  Buff Orp, Lemon Cuckoo and Black English Orps, Silkies,Coronation Sussex, and  poults: Bronze, Bourbon Red, Narragansett just to name a few breeds.





we ALWAYS have a few roosters Available:


2 Black LF Cochin roos,1 year olds $20 ea



1 Black Ameraucana roo, 12 mos old $25

3 Dominique roos $20 ea all 3 for $50
Black Leghorn roo 6 mos $15
Silver Pencilled Rock roos 6-12 mos $15-$20 ea










Below is our current price list. I cannot post it here as a pdf but would be glad to email a pdf copy on request. We do not always have everything available so we suggest you contact us for current availability or to be added to our wait list. Prices subject to change either direction based on costs and supply.

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