Gardienne Wings: Heritage & Exotic Fowl and Myotonic Goats
Gardienne Wings:  Heritage & Exotic Fowl and Myotonic Goats

Hatching Eggs

For those interested in hatching their own chicks, whether in an incubator or under a broody hen, we offer fertile hatching eggs. Eggs can be shipped via Priority Mail at the cost of shipping + $2.50 per dozen to cover packing materials. Use our contact form to get a price quote on the quantity of eggs you would like shipped to you.

Hatching Eggs Price list

We have varying numbers of each breed and the number of eggs per day also varies.Please contact us for max quantities available of each breed/color at the time you want them. Dozens can be mix/match.

Chicken Hatching Eggs

Leghorns / White, Paint, Black together
Standard Cochin / Blue, Black together
$2.50 ea
$25 doz


Ameraucana / Blue, Black together
French Copper Marans / Blue, Black together
Standard Cochin / White, Barred, Partridge
Silver Pencilled Plymouth Rocks
Silkies (6 pens:Paint/Black, Blue/Splash, Silver Partridge, Blue Partridge, Buff, & White)
$5.00 ea
$50 doz


Ameraucana / Lavender, Splash
Sussex/ Light and Coronation penned together **
Wyandottes / Blue-Laced Red , Gold Laced
Exchequer Leghorn
Standard Cochin/ Splash

English Orpington / Buff, Lavender & Black split to Lavender*, Lemon Cuckoo, Lavender Cuckoo, Blue
Bantam Mottled Cochins (show lines)

​$7.50 ea
$75 doz



*Lavenders and Black split to Lavender are penned together so offspring could be Lavender, or Black split to Lavender. This is done intentionally to improve/maintain the color & type on the Lavenders. (Lavender to Lavender breddings will result in lighter offspring each generation)


**Sussex are penned together so offspring could be Coronation, Light, or Light split to Coronation. This is done intentionally to improve/maintain the lavender color on the Coronations. (see lavender note above)


Other Fowl Eggs (Seasonal Layers)

Italian Golden Quail $1.00 ea

Muscovy Ducks $2.00
African Geese $5.00

Saddleback Pomeranian Geese $10.00
Sebastopol Geese $15.00

Turkey Varieties: Bourbon Red, Heritage Bronze, Narragansett, Royal Palm, & Pencilled Palm $4.00


NOTE: We only sell/ship fertile, hatching eggs that are less than 4 days old. We cannot guarantee the hatchablity of eggs due to the many variables in incubators, storage, and handling once they leave our farm. On shipped eggs, we consider a 50% hatch an excellent hatch. If you have a poor hatch, talk to us and we'll see what can be done.

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