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At Gardienne Wings we hatch Chicken chicks from mid-February thru the end of Sept, and Peachicks, Turkey Poults, Guinea Keets, Goslings, & Ducklings during their limited breedings seasons (usually April - July or August).


We sell day old to juvenile aged birds. However, many breeds sell out as day olds so we often do not have many older chicks available.  We can also custom hatch to order if you need a larger quantity than we normally set at one time. Please email us to see what we have in the specific breeds and quantities you desire.


All chicks and juveniles are sold straight run, in other words we cannot guarantee the sex of any chick until it either crows or lays an egg. We try, where possible, to send you what you want, but it is not an absolute. There is an additional charge of 25% for pullet orders but even this is not an absolute guarantee that we will be right 100% of the time!


Due to slowness issues with shipping, we NO LONGER SHIP LIVE CHICKS OR BIRDS.

We DO ship hatching eggs.


We are always glad to answer your questions about chickens, raising chicks, or the specific breeds. We want you to be successful raising and caring for your new additions, and referrals are our best advertisement!

Things to have ready when you bring chicks home:

To successfuly raise chicks, there are a few supplies that you need to have ready when you bring them home:


Some sort of brooder box, pen, or cage:

 Depending on the age and number of chicks, you can use a plastic tote, a bird or rabbit cage, or if the chicks are older, a dog crate as a brooder. Chicks need to have one area of the box about 95 degrees for the first week after hatch. The temp can be dropped about 5 degrees per week after the first week. If you place the lamp over 1 end of the box, it gives the chicks the opportunity the move from a warmer area to a cooler area as they choose.


A Brooder lamp fitted with a REGULAR light bulb:

We use a standard 60 wt light bulb and do NOT recommend using a heat bulb as they get extremely hot and can easily start a fire if they come close to touching any flammable material, be it a plastic waterer or the bedding or box itself!


A feed dish and a quart size chick waterer:

 Small chicks drown easily, do NOT use a bowl as a waterer. Get one of the plastic water bases that screws onto a quart jar. Warning: be sure your box or tote is big enough that if the waterer leaks it will not cover the bottom of the box or the chicks will drown! A qt waterer in an 18 x 24 tote is fine.


Sulmet or Corid Medication:

Because chicks are very susceptible to Coccidia and can weaken and die before you get out to purchase the proper meds, we suggest purchasing and keeping on hand, either Sulmet liquid or Corid (Amprolium) liquid or powder.


Electrolytes & Probiotics:

Because chicks can be easily stressed we also suggest picking up a strip of Sav-a-Chick Electrolytes and Probiotics. Both can be used together mixed in the chicks' drinking water.


Other items that are helpful:

A bag of Pine Shavings (NOT Cedar or Aspen)

A household thermometer

A saucer to set the waterer on to help keep shavings out

A wire screen or shelf to sit on top the box to prevent escapes



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