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2018 Pullets have arrived

and will be available April 1st.

Pasture Raised Laying Hens

For those that "Just want a few eggs a day"

We have found that there is a definite market for "Just Laying Hens" where people (usually new to chickens) want to have a few hens for egg laying and really don't care about breed or quality, but do care about the price. These are the people that often get "scammed" into buying 2 yr old sex-links that are done or about done laying, or meat birds that are not going to be good layers.


To meet this need, in 2014 we began raising hatchery pullets in a variety of common Heritage breeds in a pasture setting, apart from our breeder pens. This will allow us to offer $15-20 laying hens in the Summer and Fall where we cannot selectively breed, maintain carefully culled flocks, and raise purebred pullets to sell at this low of a price. These are usually sold out by mid-summer so in 2018 we will receive 2 batches in February and in June.


The breeds arriving in our Feb 1 order will be Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, Easter Eggers, Delewares, and Welsumers. All are excellent laying breeds and will produce a nice colorful egg supply. We expect to start having them available for sale in May at 12 weeks old. We DO take pre-orders with payment in full. All preorders will need to be picked up the first 2 weeks of May!


Note, we are buying these as day old PULLETS from the hatchery. They always send about 5% roos in a pullet order so a few of these pullets may grow up and crow! We stand behind the sale and if you get a roo sold as a pullet from us, let us know and we will work with you to make it right.


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