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Gardienne Wings: Heritage Fowl & Myotonic Goats


Silkies or Japanese Silkies are a bantam breed of chicken known for their almost fur-like feathers, poofy top-knot, and dark colored skin, feet and beak. They are a favorite at 4-H shows . A correct Silkie has 5 well spaced toes rather than the 4 of a "normal" chicken. A Silkie with 4 or 6 toes or a 5th toe too close to other toes can still be a spectacular bird and a great pet but is not Show Quality.


Silkies have a calm and quiet nature and, being small, do well in confined spaces making them an excellent birds for the suburbs. Silkies also get broody often and will sit on any size egg. We even use them to set our Peafowl eggs.


Silkies can be Bearded or non-Bearded. All of ours are Bearded.


We currently have Show Quality flocks of the following colors:



White (Starting over with Bearded, will not be available in 2014)

Silver Partridge

Paint (Paint roo on Black x Paint hens) also produces Black split to Paint



Silkie eggs or chicks are available but they sell out fast so a reservation is recommended so we have what you want when you want it!


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