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Gardienne Wings: Heritage Fowl & Myotonic Goats

Standard Cochins - Gentle Giants!

Cochins (pronounced KO-chins) are an extremely laid-back, docile, and friendly breed of Chicken. They are best known for their heavy leg feathering, giving them the appearance of wearing fluffy pants. The hens are known to go broody frequently and are excellent mothers, often adopting chicks that aren't theirs. The roosters also are very docile and good tempered to the point that we often keep a cochin roo in our grow-out pens, with the younger chicks in the winter, for warmth and comfort. It is also possible to have several roos in your flock with very few skirmishes between them.


Cochins come in 3 sizes Bantam, Standard or Large Fowl, and Giant (only the first 2 are recognized by APA) and in many colors and patterns. We raise Standard Cochins of which there are 9 recognized colors: Barred, Black, Blue, Brown, Buff, Golden Laced, Partridge, Silver Laced, and White (as opposed to 17 recognized colors in Bantams). Hopefully Mottled and Columbian will soon be added to the standards' list.


We currently have a BBS (Blue, Black, Splash) pen, as well as separate breeder pens of White, Barred, & Mottled Cochins (Mottled are our only Bantam cochins). We are currently building a "Cochin Condo" where we can separate specific Pairs or Trios for more selectivly bred chicks. Our cochins have been shown in several states and have done well.


Though we originally purchased our first cochins to brood our peafowl eggs, they quickly became one of our favorite breeds due to their excellent dispositions.


We sell cochin chicks from day olds up however, it is often several weeks before we can accurately gauge their color as it can change dramatically from hatch to 4 weeks and with the patterns, even longer. So, if you want a specific color (especially for showing) you may need to let us know well in advance and we can let you know when we have a juvenile(s) available that fits your requirements.


Cochins are slow maturing and often will not lay until the year after they hatch. They also do not finish filling out (weight and feathering) until they are a year and a half old or more. You can see this from the photos below of our 3 yr old (left) Partridge, 2 year old White, 6-7 mo old Blue and Black, and 12 mo old Barred roosters.



Our 2 older (left) and 3 young Cochin roos
Our late, Eye-Candy Cochin Pullet
Splash pair (hen has wet neck from drinking)

Our only Bantam Cochins:

 Bantam Mottled Cochins


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